Momma Meg Loves: Summer Favorites

La Croix Coconut Sparkling Water

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La Croix Coconut Sparkling Water – I. AM. ADDICTED. This is SO much more than a flavored sparkling water… it’s like vacation… in a can. Like a pina colada with zero calories (and no artificial sweeteners). I guess I should emphasize – THIS IS NOT SODA. Daniel reaches for it every time I open a can, takes a swig, immediately makes the most disappointed/disgusted face + tells me it tastes like suntan lotion. I assure you, it does not. That being said, this beverage will not appeal to soda junkies. Would be fantastic in a mixed drink – Maybe Rum + Lime. Or skip the rum and just add lime. Totally refreshing and wonderful. Frequently on sale at Target but I hear they sell it at Costco.

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Frozen Grapes – My go-to, healthy, refreshing, summer snack. They’re like little mini grape-flavored popsicle bites- frozen and delicious. And EASY – it’s as simple as removing the grapes from the stem, tossing in a freezer bag, freeze overnight + enjoy. Perfect to take to the pool. Just eat ’em before they defrost. Which isn’t hard… because they’re so delicious you’ll gobble ’em up pretty darn fast.

Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray

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Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray – Summer in Texas can be miserable. Just the thought of heat styling my hair makes me feel disgusting and sweaty. Plus, I’d rather imagine myself 18, driving down PCH, with a salty, stickiness in my air-dried hair only achieved by a good dunk in the pacific ocean. Luckily, with a few spritzes of B&B Surf Spray, I’m good to go – fresh out of the shower. No electricity needed. Well, except the A/C. $24 for 4oz Buy Here or in stores Here

Elta MD UV Clear SPF 46 Moisturizer

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Elta MD UV Clear SPF 46 Moisturizer – Really this is a year-round necessity, but Summer-time always heightens my awareness of the importance of protecting my skin against sun damage. This moisturizer is a bit of a splurge but is really great if you have acne prone skin or oily-tendencies. I usually mix with Laura Mercier Oil Free Supreme Foundation to create my own version of the tinted moisturizer. (Laura Mercier offers a tinted moisturizer, but it only offers SPF 20 and you can basically get the same effect by mixing foundation + moisturizer and even save a little bit!) That’s my 2 cents… Nice, lightweight coverage + protection. For Elta MD -Ask a dermatologist or Buy Here

Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer

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Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer – I have a secret love for creating my own concoctions and cocktails of products. I already mentioned a sort-of DIY tinted moisturizer recipe. I’ve also been known to purchase this Jergens lotion in the “tan to dark” shade (I’m pretty fairly complected) and mix with Aveeno Daily moisturizer with SPF. Again Protection + a hint of tint. and Cost effective. Buy Here or Here ($23/3pk)

Note: With a 5 month old baby – rare are the days that I actually put lotion on my legs… or makeup on my face for that matter.

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Olivia: 5 Months

5 Months

15.2 Pounds

25 Inches

Size: “6 month”, Size 2 Diapers

Nicknames: Sneekle Freetzie (AKA Snickle Fritz), Liv, LiverDude, Peanut, OKP


The Skip Hop Tree Top Play Mat

The Baby Einstein Exersaucer (AKA “The Disc”)

Sophie the Giraffe and Sophie “Chewie”

The “Liv, Liv, Liv” Song

The Belly Button Song

Reading before bedtime, especially “Where’s Spot?”

Going to the Aquarium


“Longtime Sunshine” Song

Bath Time, Baby Massage, Bed Time

Putting fingers, hands, and feet in her mouth.

Interested in food and drinks, wants to put everything in her mouth

The flying baby game

any type of baby wearing: Bjorn, peanut sling (finally!)

Pulling mom’s hair


getting in the carseat

being in the stroller for long enough for mom to shop

watching mom blog

watching dad study

staying up past 9:00pm

watching mom + dad eat dinner


Almost sitting up alone

Meeting cousins Rylie + Remie for the first time

First trip to the Lake with Bilbo/McElyea/Darley fam

Sleeping 5+ hour stretch at night, occasionally 8+

First Fourth of July

First Bubble Bath

Swim Diapers Size S/P finally fit!

Wore Vans tennies for the first time

Stuck tongue out and made a funny face

Getting a little furrier! More blondish red hair coming in…

Went to the nursery at Church for the first time

Daily Routine:

7:30 Wake Up, Nurse

10:00 Nurse

11:00 Nap (30 min – 1hr)

1:00 Nurse

3:00 Nap (1hr-2hrs)

4:00 Nurse

7:00 Nurse

8:00 Read books in bed with Mom + Dad

8:30  Bathtime, Lotion and Massage, “Jammies”

9:00 Nurse, Songs, Prayers*

*In the process of pushing the whole night-time routine up to 7:00 pm… slowly shaving a few minutes off every night

Olivia: 4 Months

4 Month Check-Up

14.0 Pounds

23.75 Inches 

Size:  “6 month”, Size 1 Diapers

Nicknames: Sneekle Feetzie, Liv, O, Liver Dude, Liv Cakes, Love/Liv Bug, Peanut, OKP

4 months


The Baby Einstein Exersaucer (AKA “The Disc”)

Sophie the Giraffe and Sophie “Chewie”

Standing while holding Mom or Dad’s hands

Listening to her Daddy play guitar or piano

The “Liv, Liv, Liv” Song

The Belly Button Song

“Jump Jump Jump” Jana Alayra Song

“Where’s Spot?”

Going to the Aquarium

Going to the Dallas Arboretum (AKA Arbor-eatzi-mah-bah)

Being Outside

WubbaNub (AKA WerberNerb or WerberNerber)

Morning Snuggles with Mom

“Longtime Sunshine” Song

Bath Time, Baby Massage, Bed Time

The “Climb Mommy” game

Happy Baby Pose

Putting fingers, hands, and feet in her mouth.

4 Months


Being called “Dumbo”

Getting in the Car Seat

Being in the stroller

Not being in mom’s arms

The Sling

4 Months


Babbling, Cooing, Baby talkin’

Rolls over both directions


Consistently sleeping for 5+ hours stretch night.

Occasionally sleeping 8+ hours

Going to Church @ Fellowship White Rock

Daily Routine:

3AM- 5AM: Wake Up, Nurse, Snuggle with Mom in bed

8AM: Nurse

9AM: Nap (30MIN – 1HR)

11AM: Nurse

2PM: Nurse

3PM: Nap (1HR-2HRs)

5PM: Nurse

7PM: Nurse

8PM: Starts Dozin’

8:30PM: Bathtime, Lotion and Massage, “Jammies”

9:00PM Nurse, Songs and Prayers

1AM: Wakeful Babe = gets a paci and usually falls back asleep

Note: I need to get better at taking in-focus iphone pictures.