Momma Meg Loves: TARGET

Lately Target is a very dangerous place for me. I’m not sure what’s changed in the last 10 years… but I like it. Just wanted to share a few of my most recent budget-friendly target finds…

Mossimo Calidora Leopard Flat  $16.99

I’ve had my eye on these Steve Madden flats since mid summer… but just couldn’t justify spending $90. Although these Mossimo flats definitely teeter on the edge of slipper + shoe, I have a feeling that they are just the thing to satisfy my craving. Plus, the comfort factor will guarantee that they get lots of wear this season. And obviously, you can’t beat the price.

Mossimo Wool Atlas Clutch $16.99

Like an idiot, I recently purchased this American Apparel Carry-All leather pouch for $46.00. I wanted something simple that I could toss inside the diaper bag when I was toting it around – but still cute enough to carry as a clutch/purse. At a fraction of the price, and pretty darn cute, I wish I’d skipped the over-priced hipster variety in favor of this Mossimo wool one.

Mossimo Corduroy Skinnies in Mustard – $22.99

I’m pretty sure by the end of the season I will own these in EVERY color! I’m a sucker for JCrew’s Vintage Matchstick cords, but at $89.95 a pop… I could have 4 different colors of these Mossimo Skinnies!

Disney Artist Collection Minnie Mouse Set $22.00

Definitely had to scoop up with little set for Liv – I’m finding for the first time that we actually NEED to buy her some clothes – I thought the day would NEVER come… that maybe she would stay in 0-3mo… then surely 3-6mo but then I blinked and she was busting out of her 6 month onesies… and now we’re on the verge of outgrowing even some of our 9 month stuff… with no back stock! EEP! We’re overdue for a trip to Just Between Friends to score some preowned goodies!

Contemplating this little lamb costume for Liv for Halloween…

Infant Lamb Costume $38.99

…wondering if I could sew a couple of cheap bath mats together instead? Add a bow?

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Momma Meg Loves: Babywearing

While I was pregnant, I spent a great deal of time wondering what it would be like to leave the hospital holding a baby that was INSIDE me just days before. Although I hadn’t given it much thought before Olivia arrived, I could have predicted that I would be a huge fan of baby wearing. From the newborn stage, I have loved carrying Olivia close to me – the same way I loved carrying her for 9+ months in my belly. (Yes, I am one of those crazy people who can say I truly loved pregnancy – physically and emotionally. I can honestly say, I’d never felt better…healthier and happier – More on that Here)  

On the subject of babywearing (one word – the act of wearing a baby); I am no expert. Among other things, babywearing is one of the topics I wish I had researched more while I was pregnant. Mostly what to buy vs. what not to buy. We were gifted both a sling + structured front carrier (both items I registered for) which I love(d)… And even after the few purchases I’ve made in the past 6 months – I’m finding myself with a growing wish list of baby carrying contraptions. 

The Peanut Shell Adjustable Sling –  Only recently started to become more useful. Olivia didn’t like laying in a reclined position in it… even as a newborn.  never could figure out how to nurse with her in it either. However, in the past few months, now that she’s sitting up, she’s more comfortable sitting on my hip and so this sling has started to come in handy. It’s much easier to get her in/out of than the Baby Bjorn – great for just running in to the grocery store/dry cleaners/etc. but not nearly as secure. READ: No heavy lifting or bending over. The quality is definitely great – durable yet soft. washable. Darling pattern (I have the Vanilla Bean).  The Peanut Shell also makes cute shopping cart covers and other accessories.  Here

Baby Bjorn Mesh Carrier – Mentioned Here this was one of my MOST essential baby products in the first few months of Olivia’s life. Since it’s really structured, it was easy for her to sleep in while I walked (I walked a TON after about 3 weeks) and did chores around the house. We used the Bjorn at the very least, daily up through about 4 months. Now that Olivia is a little bit bigger (Almost 16 pounds) it doesn’t seem to fit quite as well (leaves marks on her chubby little thighs) and puts too much pressure on my lower back and shoulders. Hindsight is always 20/20 – and I am definitely glad we had the Bjorn for the first 3-4 months but it didn’t grow with her as much as I wanted it to. Here

Bjorning all the time


Seven Sling – I ordered this sling online Here during a “Giveaway” where you only paid the shipping fee. It was TINY, the fabric was too stiff  to stretch and by the time I was ready to give it a go – Olivia was already too big to fit in it.


Here are the most recent additions to our babywearing arsenal:

Snugli Front/Back Carrier – My mom actually found this carrier at a resale shop in CA and snagged it for us to use while we were in town. I had mentioned that I wanted to find something that worked more like a backpack to use while we were hiking and playing outdoors. Also secretly knew that Dan would be more inclined to share the experience if it were a back carry. Here

Hiking in the Snugli

Moby Wrap – Just picked this up a few days ago – Let me tell you… it’s a game changer. I LOVE it. I might not ever use any other baby wearing contraption again. Why didn’t I start with this?! Would have been PERFECT for the newborn stage and yet still perfect for a bigger baby. In the first 3 carries – Olivia giggled (my happy baby is very smiley – but she saves the giggles for the REALLY good stuff- Like Moby) and fell asleep twice… FELL ASLEEP. While I was doing laundry. Just layed her little head down… and konked. At first, I thought – Whoa. She must have been really tired and I didn’t notice the signs. Then the next day – It happened again. One minute we were doing housework, talking, she had “Chewie”  and the next minute… KONK – asleep, “Chewie” still in her mouth. I think the Moby might have magical powers. Highly recommended. Buy  Here    Video Tutorial Here

Hug Hold in the Moby Wrap


Helpful Resources


Instructional Videos


One for the road…

Watching Manatees at the DWA

Momma Meg Loves: Healthy Essentials

Wanted to share some of the essentials that keep me on track with a health(ier) lifestyle. What do you consider essential to your healthy well-being?

Garden of Life Raw Prenatal Vitamins

Image From Here                    Find Retailers Here

 Garden of Life Raw Prenatal Vitamin – I started taking these when I found out that my New Chapter Organics Prenatal Vitamin was no longer independently produced. In fact, New Chapter Organics is now owned and produced under the Proctor & Gamble umbrella. I’ve had great success with these. Definitely have a “RAW” smell… Luckily, no funky after-taste or burps. Usually somewhere in the neighborhood of $60/6-month supply although occasionally on sale at Sprouts. I’ve continued taking these while I’m nursing but will eventually be looking for a daily women’s supplement.

Green Vibrance

Buy Here $49.95/30-Day                  Image From Here

Green Vibrance – A concentrated superfood, nutritional powerhouse, loaded with all kinds of wonderful vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Supports healthy digestion, immunity, and circulation while fortifying your body against stress. I use this as a supplement to my daily vitamins. It tastes SO much better than other “Green Drinks.” Even my husband will drink it mixed with juice. (We use Simply Apple as a mixer – it’s REALLY sweet so you honestly can’t taste the “GREEN” at all) Occasionally, I’ll use in smoothies too! Blend 1 Frozen Banana, 1 TBSP Green Vibrance with 1 1/2 Cups Apple or Orange Juice and 1/2 Cup Crushed Ice. Delicious!

Monkey Picked Oolong Tea

Buy Here $25/2oz                    Image From Here

Monkey Picked Oolong Tea – “As legend has it, Buddhist monks formulated this ancient top ten treasure. The monks trained monkeys to gather the youngest leaves from the tip-top of wild tea trees for this special Imperial Reserve blend. The secret lives on with the deft hand plucking of the unbroken, evenly sized leaves that unfurl to create the most complex yet light orchid aroma and highest grade of oolong in the world. IMPERIAL RESERVE.” Teavana claims that this tea tastes “Smooth and bright, (with) orchid aromas throughout with clean refreshing finish” But really… it tastes like grass. My dad has become quite the tea connoisseur and gifted us a huge canister one year for Christmas. He swears by the healthy effects, drinks at least 2 cups a day instead of coffee. I usually follow his suggestion and cut it with something mint flavored – Starbucks Tazo Refresh works well.

Gyokuro Imperial Green Tea

Buy Here $20/2oz                   Image From Here

Gyokuro Imperial Green Tea – “The finest of Japanese teas, Gyokuro bushes are covered in shade two weeks before harvesting which creates a light but very complex blend and a luscious deep dark green color. The shading retains chlorophyll, which concentrates both green tea taste and nutrients, making this a healthy, tasty favorite. IMPERIAL RESERVE .” Teavana claims, “Light smooth vegetal green tea taste with a sweet ending, complex layersrise up throughout.” Again… this is not a for taste tea. Add to Monkey Picked Oolong & Refresh concoction for cancer prevention attribute and overall wellness.

Lululemon “The Mat” Yoga Mat

Buy Here $68                    Image From Here

Lululemon “The Mat” Yoga Mat – This one has been on my wish list for some time now. (I hate that my cheapie mat slips and slides all over the place!) I’m totally a wannabe believer in the cult-following of Lululemon Athletica. I finally made the $100 splurge on my first pair of Lulu yoga pants (with some gifted Birthday $$$) and will NEVER go back. I finally get it! These pants are awesome! Making my craving for this yoga mat all the stronger.


In celebration of World Breast Feeding Week, Bamboobies is giving away free nursing pads (while supplies last), just pay shipping!

I bought this multi-pack right after Olivia was born and they’ve saved me a bundle on nursing pads. I still occasionally use disposable ones while I’m out and about but usually wear these super-soft, washable, and adorable ones while we’re just hanging at home! The overnight ones are great for heavy leaking and… duh overnight.

Buy Here $29.99

Giveaway Here

Momma Meg Loves: The Dallas World Aquarium

Daniel and I first visited the aquarium when I came to visit just a few months after we started dating. We’ve since celebrated a few Birthdays and even a Valentine’s day there. Most recently, we celebrated our first Mother’s Day at the Dallas World Aquarium – where Daniel (+ Olivia) gifted me an annual pass.

December 2005 at The Dallas World Aquarium

Mother’s Day 2012

The Dallas World Aquarium Individual Pass $95 + One Non-Designated Guest $80  = $175 allows either our family (Kids under 3 are free!) or I can invite a friend, mom, etc. We decided that it would be best to invest in the extra $80 knowing that Olivia and I would go more often if we could invite friends. Become a Member Here. No matter what, the annual pass is the way to go at the DWA – General Admission tickets for adults are $20.95, Kids 3-12 are $12.95. As fabulous as it is, $20.95 is outrageous to visit the DWA once. Even the Ft. Worth Zoo is cheaper! At an average of 2 visits/month, each trip would cost $7.29.

  • The DWA is open 9:00AM-5:00PM daily. I’ve found that the best time to go (especially during the summer) to avoid the field trip and summer camp crowds is first thing in the morning when they open, or towards the end of the day (after 3:30PM) You can definitely see it all in a few hours, especially if you have a pass and don’t feel pressured to get your 20 bucks worth.
  • It’s VERY difficult to maneuver strollers (and wheelchairs) through the DWA so I usually make sure to have Olivia freshly fed and diapered when we arrive to avoid having to nurse or change her. Highly recommend baby wearing for this adventure + a backpack!
  • The only downside with the DWA pass is that it does NOT include free parking. Parking downtown (in the touristy West End District) can be pricey. Liv and I usually opt to take DART (The West End Station is just a few blocks from the DWA) adding only a few dollars to our visit cost.
  • Also – They sell beer.

Watching the Waterfall at The Dallas World Aquarium

Most Recently, we visited the DWA while Gramma G + Auntie Em were in town. My sister in law, Tricia, her two girls, Rylie (5) and Remie (5 weeks) and my darling granddad joined us. Liv always loves the manatees and the pengiuns. Oh! and the waterfall – she could sit and stare at it all day.

This is Liv’s “I love Manatees” face

At the DWA with Cousin Rylie

Baby Wearing at the DWA

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