Momma Meg Loves: Warby Parker

Happy Friday!

As I mentioned here, I hadn’t had my vision checked in 4+ years… basically since I moved to TX. I haven’t worn contacts in at least that long – and lost my glasses a few years ago. While we were in CA, I scheduled a routine eye exam to see how much my prescription had changed. Surprisingly, not TOO much change… and only a tiny little slap on the wrist for procrastinating for as long as I did. I was relieved to find that our new cadillac insurance plan covers a routine exam (with only a $25 co-pay)! Gramma G pitched in for some contacts (I think it makes her nervous that I was driving her precious grandchild around) and I walked out with a written percription so I could order some Warby Parker glasses I’ve had my eye on! (No Pun Intended)


If you haven’t already heard of Warby Parker, definitely check them out. Like TOMS, they have a “Buy A Pair, Give A Pair” Project – for every pair sold, they give a pair to someone in need. The BEST part – they’re incredibly affordable! $95.00 includes Anti-reflection prescription lenses + free shipping. Since there are very few retailers that carry the line – they offer a Home Try-On Program by mail. You select 5 pair for at-home try-on, they ship them out (FREE) then once you receive them – you have 5 days to try them on, consider options, and return them (FREE Via UPS). No obligation to buy. Once you decide on a pair – you input your prescription online  and order. SO simple. Great Quality. Fun styles.


I think I’ve settled on these…

Sinclair in Greystone – Here

Pretty Nerdy… but I kind of LOVE them already.

Featured Image Here

Momma Meg Loves: Healthy Essentials

Wanted to share some of the essentials that keep me on track with a health(ier) lifestyle. What do you consider essential to your healthy well-being?

Garden of Life Raw Prenatal Vitamins

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 Garden of Life Raw Prenatal Vitamin – I started taking these when I found out that my New Chapter Organics Prenatal Vitamin was no longer independently produced. In fact, New Chapter Organics is now owned and produced under the Proctor & Gamble umbrella. I’ve had great success with these. Definitely have a “RAW” smell… Luckily, no funky after-taste or burps. Usually somewhere in the neighborhood of $60/6-month supply although occasionally on sale at Sprouts. I’ve continued taking these while I’m nursing but will eventually be looking for a daily women’s supplement.

Green Vibrance

Buy Here $49.95/30-Day                  Image From Here

Green Vibrance – A concentrated superfood, nutritional powerhouse, loaded with all kinds of wonderful vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Supports healthy digestion, immunity, and circulation while fortifying your body against stress. I use this as a supplement to my daily vitamins. It tastes SO much better than other “Green Drinks.” Even my husband will drink it mixed with juice. (We use Simply Apple as a mixer – it’s REALLY sweet so you honestly can’t taste the “GREEN” at all) Occasionally, I’ll use in smoothies too! Blend 1 Frozen Banana, 1 TBSP Green Vibrance with 1 1/2 Cups Apple or Orange Juice and 1/2 Cup Crushed Ice. Delicious!

Monkey Picked Oolong Tea

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Monkey Picked Oolong Tea – “As legend has it, Buddhist monks formulated this ancient top ten treasure. The monks trained monkeys to gather the youngest leaves from the tip-top of wild tea trees for this special Imperial Reserve blend. The secret lives on with the deft hand plucking of the unbroken, evenly sized leaves that unfurl to create the most complex yet light orchid aroma and highest grade of oolong in the world. IMPERIAL RESERVE.” Teavana claims that this tea tastes “Smooth and bright, (with) orchid aromas throughout with clean refreshing finish” But really… it tastes like grass. My dad has become quite the tea connoisseur and gifted us a huge canister one year for Christmas. He swears by the healthy effects, drinks at least 2 cups a day instead of coffee. I usually follow his suggestion and cut it with something mint flavored – Starbucks Tazo Refresh works well.

Gyokuro Imperial Green Tea

Buy Here $20/2oz                   Image From Here

Gyokuro Imperial Green Tea – “The finest of Japanese teas, Gyokuro bushes are covered in shade two weeks before harvesting which creates a light but very complex blend and a luscious deep dark green color. The shading retains chlorophyll, which concentrates both green tea taste and nutrients, making this a healthy, tasty favorite. IMPERIAL RESERVE .” Teavana claims, “Light smooth vegetal green tea taste with a sweet ending, complex layersrise up throughout.” Again… this is not a for taste tea. Add to Monkey Picked Oolong & Refresh concoction for cancer prevention attribute and overall wellness.

Lululemon “The Mat” Yoga Mat

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Lululemon “The Mat” Yoga Mat – This one has been on my wish list for some time now. (I hate that my cheapie mat slips and slides all over the place!) I’m totally a wannabe believer in the cult-following of Lululemon Athletica. I finally made the $100 splurge on my first pair of Lulu yoga pants (with some gifted Birthday $$$) and will NEVER go back. I finally get it! These pants are awesome! Making my craving for this yoga mat all the stronger.

In the Kitchen: Chicken Florentine Salad with Orzo

This salad serves well on any occasion. Substantial enough to be a main course, Chicken Florentine Salad with Orzo makes a perfect luncheon or shower salad.

Chicken Florentine Salad with Orzo

Serves 4-6

4 Cups Spinach leaves thinly chopped

3 Cups Cooked Orzo, chilled

2 Cups Roasted Chicken Breast,  cubed

1/4 Cup Chopped Sun Dried Tomatoes

1/4 Cup Pine Nuts

1/4 Cup Sliced Black Olives

2-4 Tbsp Brianne’s Blush Wine Vinaigrette

Cracked Black Pepper, to taste


Cook Orzo in salted water 8-10 minutes (or per instructions). Refrigerate to cool.

Chiffonade spinach leaves. Mix spinach, chicken, and chilled orzo with olives + sundried tomatoes.

Toss in Pine nuts.

Dress + Serve


Note: Cut back on the dressing for a healthier alternative – it’s just as tasty! This salad, unlike many others, keeps well dressed for a few days.

Brianna’s Home Style Blush Wine Vinaigrette

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Just in case you were considering using another dressing and were needing some more justification. (I know how it is… not wanting to add another bottle to your precious refrigerator space.) It’s also delicious in a simple cucumber + red onion salad.