Momma Meg Loves: Warby Parker

Happy Friday!

As I mentioned here, I hadn’t had my vision checked in 4+ years… basically since I moved to TX. I haven’t worn contacts in at least that long – and lost my glasses a few years ago. While we were in CA, I scheduled a routine eye exam to see how much my prescription had changed. Surprisingly, not TOO much change… and only a tiny little slap on the wrist for procrastinating for as long as I did. I was relieved to find that our new cadillac insurance plan covers a routine exam (with only a $25 co-pay)! Gramma G pitched in for some contacts (I think it makes her nervous that I was driving her precious grandchild around) and I walked out with a written percription so I could order some Warby Parker glasses I’ve had my eye on! (No Pun Intended)


If you haven’t already heard of Warby Parker, definitely check them out. Like TOMS, they have a “Buy A Pair, Give A Pair” Project – for every pair sold, they give a pair to someone in need. The BEST part – they’re incredibly affordable! $95.00 includes Anti-reflection prescription lenses + free shipping. Since there are very few retailers that carry the line – they offer a Home Try-On Program by mail. You select 5 pair for at-home try-on, they ship them out (FREE) then once you receive them – you have 5 days to try them on, consider options, and return them (FREE Via UPS). No obligation to buy. Once you decide on a pair – you input your prescription online  and order. SO simple. Great Quality. Fun styles.


I think I’ve settled on these…

Sinclair in Greystone – Here

Pretty Nerdy… but I kind of LOVE them already.

Featured Image Here

Mom Life: Who Wears Short Sorts?

On top of dressing my 5+lb “new mom body”, (Read: slightly lumpy) I’m feeling like lots of my old stand-by outfits and favorite pieces are no longer (as) appropriate for #momlife. I know, I know. At 26, and size 2-4, it’s still perfectly appropriate (mom or not)  for me to wear short(er) shorts. Yet I’m finding that some of my pre-baby purchases make me feel like I look like the nanny instead of the mommy. I’m finding it challenging to maintain my personal style and feel like I’m dressing appropriately for this new phase of life. How did you first-time mommas resolve this conundrum?

Summer in Texas requires the following summer essentials: shorts, tanks, lightweight dresses + skirts. Darling as all of the cropped, colored and printed jean trend is, it’s just not practical July through September here. Unless you work/play exclusively indoors… but even still… I say you’re crazy.

While shopping for shorts, the following considerations were important to me:

  • Pre-baby I felt comfortable in the shortest of shorts and since I’m not ready to go the bermuda or “walking-short” route (At least not until I want to look 30) I was determined to find a perfect-fit short-short or boyfriend-style silhouette. 
  • Not wanting to forgo the printed trend, I was looking for a print that I wouldn’t get tired of after 2 wears and that paired well with neutral tops
  • Denim is great. But then there’s that 100+ degree temperature issue to consider. Lightweight materials were key.

Madewell ArtDot Shorts $59.50

Perfect with a Chambray popover or brightly colored lightweight tee or tank. These Madewell ArtDot Shortsfit at the natural waist, on the shorter side of short, but a great fit. I opted for the black and cream version of these shorts but the burnt orange is pretty adorable too! Buy Here

JCrew 3″ Chino ON SALE $29.99

A great stand-by, JCrew 3″ Chino Shorts (offered in 4″or 5″ also) are a fantastic, comfortable and colorful option.  Buy Here

Zara Floral Shorts $39.90

I fell in love with these Zara Floral Shorts –  ultimately too short for me, but I felt I should include them because they’re such a great print, good fit, and reasonably priced! Buy Here

Target Printed Cotton Shorts $17.99

I purchased these Mossimo Tie-Dye Cotton Shorts at the beginning of summer and have pretty much lived in them. The fit is definitely more like PJs than anything else – But pockets in the back make them feel substantial enough to wear out running errands or as a cover-up. Buy Here in multiple prints.

Madewell Seawall Shorts ON SALE $44.99

Purchased these Madewell Seawall Shorts  yesterday ON SALE! I’m imagining them with lightweight button-up and casual sandals or crocheted tank. I’m a sucker for an elastic waist… because on most days, comfort outweighs style. Buy Here

Featured Image Here