Junk in the Trunk

The other day, I was inspired to get crackin’ on some of the organizational projects on my to-do list. I was over at a friend’s house and noticed a list of “clutter zones”  typed and posted on her bulletin board. She had scratched a few of these areas off the list, noting that they had been DE-CLUTTERED. A bit of a list-junkie myself (see here and here)… I came home and created a very similar (and I might add… much longer) list of Clutter Zones. Where did I start?  The ever-so-necessary “junk” drawer. Everyone has one. Everyone needs one. But it CAN be organized. The real question is… Will it stay organized?

I thought it might be fun to share some of the most interesting finds… even some treasures… buried deep in the depths of the junk!

  • Tiny tape measure
  • Macy’s magnifying ruler + name tag
  • Single-serve Green Vibrance packet
  • Bowl of miscellaneous buttons
  • Bowl of Keys (no clue what most of them unlock)
  • 2 sets of headphones
  • Tiny fingernail scissors
  • Origins Peace-of-Mind Headache relief cream
  • Postcard stamps
  • 6 mini hand sanitizer bottles from Bath & Body Works
  • An extra iphone charger
  • Rayban Wayfarers
  • Meddlesome Moth Coaster with 2012 New Years Resolutions + Predictions from NYE dinner with friends hand-written on back.

  • 3 pair of scissors
  • Photobooth pics from a wedding in 2011
  • Deck of Texas playing cards
  • Emily’s graduation picture
  • Tide to-go stick
  • Quick Grip
  • Extra car keys (including keys to my Jeep Liberty that we sold over a year ago)
  • Various pens, sharpies, notepads and rubber bands.
  • Old business cards
  • 2 claritin redi-tabs
  • Miscellaneous left over gift cards (those pesky ones that have $3.12 on them) 
  • A $100 gift certificate to Bass Performance Hall
  • Some box tops for education
  • An extra digital camera battery
  • A wine cork
  • A magic rock from Brother Gorham

And there it is… the finished product. All organized. 

I think I’ll tackle the junk in the trunk of my car next. Somehow I doubt that will be blog-worthy.

Where are your clutter zones?

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