Olivia: 9 Months


17.6 lbs, 25th Percentile

27.5 inches, 50th Percentile

Size: 9- 12 Months

Tooth Count: 6 – 3.5 on top, 2 on bottom

Nicknames: Liv, Sneekle Freetzie, Bug, Kates (Like the second half of Baby Cakes… kinda weird, I know)


Puffs & Baby Mum-Mums


Watching other Babies and Kiddos

Grass, dirt, mud, & leaves

Going to the park – Exploring Outside

Klyde Warren Park

Playing with pumpkins

Water Bottles, Tupperware, Pots + Pans

Getting in the the refrigerator

Exploring faces via poking of eyelashes, noses, mouths. Loves wiggly tongues.

Toilet Paper


Her “OLIVIA” blanket (From Miss. Jill)

Her WubbaNub Collection

Favorite Foods: Avocado, Peas, Carrots, Squash, Pumpkin… but especially Avocado.

Favorite Books: Rainforest Discoveries, Animal Kisses, All of the DK Touch & Feel Books

The poopy-toot song

Getting in to Dad’s sweaters

Playing in Durch’s water bowl



Her Carseat

The Exersaucer

Having her Diaper Changed

Swallowing Medicine

Having Dangerous objects taken away

Swings @ the Park


First Halloween!



First Ear Infection

First High Fever (102.1 degrees)

Waves and Points & Pinches to Pick-Up small objects (like Peas & Puffs)

Signs “All-Done”

Says “Mum Mum Mum,” “Da Da Da,” “GEEEEEE,” “Bye”

 Growing, Growing…

9 Months

Olivia: 8 Months  |  Olivia: 7 Months  |  Olivia: 6 Months

Olivia: 8 Months


16.14 lbs

Size: “9 Months”

Nicknames: Liv, Liver Dude, Sneekle Freetzie


Riding in the Wagon

Playing with pumpkins at the Arboretum

 Kissing “the Baby” in the Mirror

Teething Toys (and Carrots)

the Durch

wiggling fingers, toes, faces + tounges

giving kisses

being outside


Ear Infection

Sleeping in the crib all night

Taking antibiotics

wearing bows


Says “Mum Mum Mum Mum”,  “DaDaDa” and “Gee Gee Gee”

Waving Hello/Goodbye, starting to understand the signs for “All Done” and “More”

Pulling Up

2 teeth (middle bottom)… 1 top tooth just cutting through

Crawling all over the place

Dropped the crib mattress to the lowest setting

Getting in to EVERYTHING – Baby proofed Kitchen & Guest Bathroom cabinets

Baby Led Weaning

First Rangers Game

Growing up so fast…