The Honest Company

The Honest Company Sample Kit

I mentioned here that I wanted to give the eco-friendly diaper another “go” when our gifted supply was dwindling. As much as I think it’s totally silly that every celebrity who gets pregnant wants to launch some kind of baby product line… I really like that Jessica Alba went the environmentally conscious route. The Honest Company offers chemical-free, non-toxic and totally cute diapers, wipes and a variety of other baby necessities. The best part? For $4.95 S&H you can order a free trial (above – just received mine a few days ago!). The diapers are adorable… and don’t feel half as bad as the Seventh Generation variety… my only (and pretty significant) problem… coincidence that we had blowouts in 3 out of 7 diapers? I seriously doubt it. The wipes are VERY thin but even THAT I could overlook for the environmentally-friendly factor… but blowouts… DEAL BREAKER. The lotion is olive oil based (pro), VERY moisturizing (pro), but smells like…. olive oil (con). I will say… I think the diapers may be a tiny bit big. Based on her size, the site suggested a size 2.  Although we’ll probably graduate at the end of this case… Liv still comfortably fits in a size 1 Pampers Swaddlers. SO… Either Honest runs small and I just don’t like the product  OR the size 2 we’re too big and caused aforementioned blowouts. Either way, I haven’t written the product off completely… would definitely give a second shot after we’ve worked our way through our gifted stockpile. The packaging is pretty darn cute, huh? I have a hard time believing that those bottles/tubes are biodegradable… but whatever.