Olivia: 6 Months

6 Month Wellness Check-Up

15 lbs 14 oz

26 inches

Size: “6-9 months”, “Size 2” Diapers

Nicknames: Sneekle Freetzie, Liv, Liver Dude

6 Months


“Freezie Treats” (Freezable Teething Toys)

The “Liv, Liv Liv” Song

The Longtime Sunshine Song

Loves faces – Pulling on noses, eyes and mouths

Moby Wrap

Swimming @ Gramma B’s

Playing with Ice Cubes at the dinner table

Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag

Uncle Chippy’s beard

Sleeping in Mom + Dad’s bed


Listening to Dad play Piano/ Guitar

Poppa G’s Watch

Play Dates with Charley (+Momma Michelle)

Dogs – Especially Gramma G’s Yellow Lab Terra and Auntie Maggie’s Toy Poodle Bella


Getting in the car seat

Not being able to be outside (in the Texas heat + threat of West Nile virus)

Taking a bottle

Infant Life Vest


Sitting-Up alone!

First trip to California to visit Gramma + Poppa G

First plane ride

Hiking on Dad’s back in the Snugli Carrier

First trip to the San Diego Zoo

Hanging with the Giraffes at the San Diego Zoo

Riding like a big girl (forward facing) in the stroller

First time in the Johnny Jump Up (Bought Here)

First time meeting 2nd Cousin Alex + Great Aunt Pam

VERY interested in food + drinks (Starting Solids this weekend!)

Blowing lips to make high pitched motor boat noise

Giggling / Belly Laughing

Rolling, Scooting, Moving, Inching… Everything but crawling.

Not Where I left my baby…

6 Months

Daily Routine:

4:00 AM Nurse in bed – Snuggle/ Sleep with Mom + Dad

7:00AM Nurse – Wake Up

9:00AM Nap (45min-1hr)

10:00 AM Nurse

~12:30 PM Nap (30min – usually in the car)

1:00PM Nurse

3:00 Nap (1hr-2hrs)

4:00PM Nurse

6:00PM Nurse

6:30PM Hangout in the Highchair while Mom + Dad eat dinner

7:00PM Read a few books with Mom in bed while Dad gets the bath ready

7:15PM Bath time with Dad while Mom cleans up in the kitchen

7:30 Lotion + Massage, Teeth Gum Brushing, Hair Brushing, Vitamin D

7:45PM Nurse

8:00PM Snuggle with Bunny Blanket for Bedtime Prayers + Songs (Usually a few rounds of Longtime Sunshine)

Between 10:00PM +11:00PM Nurse

(Usually wakes up right as Mom + Dad are winding down for a final snack, Occasionally Mom attempts a “dream feed”)

Momma Meg Loves: Just Between Friends

Just Between Friends is a HUGE children’s and maternity consignment sale. Sort of like a giant community garage sale. Consignors bring their new and gently used clothing, gear, and toys to sell at this 3-4 day event. Usually held at convention center-type locations, Just Between Friends events can be found in cities all across the country. Find an event here

A few insider tips

  • Register as a first-time momma (dads, and grandparents too!) and gain VIP access one day before the sale is open to the public.
  • Consigners and volunteers are also eligible for early access and presale.  Consigners who also volunteer earn a larger profit on items sold.
  • Often the last day of the sale they run everything at 50% OFF
  • Kids and Babies are not allowed during presale. The only exception – “nursing” babies who must be worn in a carrier or sling. I remember reading that strollers weren’t allowed at all… however, this is definitely not enforced. 
  • They do offer big blue Ikea shopping bags but best to bring your own/ leave with your own (full of treasures). 

My first experience with JBF was before Olivia was born. I attended the Plano Sale on the last day (knowing that the selection would be picked-over) having every intention of just looking to see what it was all about. I walked out $15 later with an armful of gently used (some even new with tags) outfits, a bassinet frame (I ditched the mattress pad + sheet set) several classic kids books and a wooden chandelier to hang in the nursery!

This weekend is the Dallas/Mesquite Sale at the Mesquite Rodeo Exhibit Hall. Schedule Here. Thursdays are definitely the best day to shop the best selection and totally worth the $3 entrance fee (only charged on Thursday). It’s best to go with an idea of what you’re looking for otherwise it can seem overwhelming. This was my first time attending the Dallas/Mesquite sale and it was easily 4x bigger than the Plano event. 50+ people in the check-out line… definitely crowded! My friend Michelle brought a stroller in today with no problem…I have mixed feelings about stroller vs. baby wearing, definitely benefits & drawbacks either way. I’m a baby wearer and Liv stays happier but as she gets heavier it might get more challenging. 

The selection was impressive. Although JBF specifically requests only items “in good condition” – if your standards are as high as mine… you’ll find that you’ll have to dig through lots of “very loved” to find the “like new” and “gently used.”

Loot from today:

Graco Johnny Jump Up $18.00 (Similar $54.99)  

Very Good Condition. I’ve been thinking about buying one of these but just couldn’t justify the price tag (new). I’d seen the cloth variety at resale shops around town but really wanted one with a tray. Liv is already a huge fan. 

Century Wood High Chair $25.00 (Similar $149.99) 

Sturdy, Loved, Cheap – a definite DIY project. For some crazy reason, I didn’t think to register for a high chair when I was pregnant. I guess 6 months just seemed like an eternity away. But let me tell you… 6 months FLEW by. And now we’re gearing up for solids… needing a high chair. This bargain variety came with a darling teddy bear cover/cushion that I’m going to disassemble, study, and recreate (with help from Michelle – who is going to teach me how to sew – Check that off the 2012 to-do list) using fabric that better represents Liv’s little personality. Also considering a new coat of baby-friendly paint to cover the “love” marks and scratches.

Set of 2 Carter’s 9 Mo. Sleepers $2.00 (Similar On Sale $9.60 Each)

Set of 2 Gerber 9 Mo. Sleepers $2.00 (Similar $14.99/ 2Pc Set)

Definitely an awesome opportunity to find great stuff for kiddos and babies. Eventually, I’m going to get my act together enough to volunteer + sell. Any of you other momma’s ever shopped, sold or volunteered at a JBF sale? Where do you buy budget-friendly kiddo stuff?


Some of my other local thrift and resale favs –

Once Upon A Child – Lake Highlands Location Skillman & Abrams

Green Beans Resale Boutique Mockingbird & Abrams

KidSwap – Snider Plaza – Hillcrest & Lovers Lane