Olivia: 21 Months



Weight: 21 lbs 7 oz

Size: 18 months, 24 months

Tooth Count: 16

Hair: Growing… slowly but surely. Reddish blonde and slightly curly

Nicknames: Via, Doodle (Bug), Love Bug

Nov 2013

Nov 2013

Loves: Palestra Open Gym, Playing outside, going to the park, the Dallas Arboretum Children’s Garden, Doing Art the the Perot, Sandboxes, Calliou (TV Show on PBSKids), Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (TV Show on PBSKids), “Moo-sik”, Lotion, Reading Books before bed, Taco Joint Date Nights with Dayda, Swim Lessons w/ Miss. Amber, Playing in the Dirt/Mud/Sand


Open Gym – Sept 2013

Pumpkin Village at the Dallas Arboretum - Sept 2013

Pumpkin Village at the Dallas Arboretum – Sept 2013

Playing Dress Up - Sept 2013

Playing Dress Up – Sept 2013

Playing Dress-Up with Dayda - Oct 2013

Playing Dress-Up with Dayda – Oct 2013

Park Time - Oct 2013

Park Time – Oct 2013

Cranks: going to sleep alone, the grocery store, shopping, brushing her teeth

Best Friends: Bayo (Paden), Cami, Cousins Rylie & Remie

Moon Watching with Bayo - Oct 2013

Moon Watching with Bayo – Oct 2013

Best Friends, Cami + Via - Oct 2013

Best Friends, Cami + Via – Oct 2013

Favorite Foods: “Hot Cheese” (Macaroni & Cheese), “Maymos” (Tomatoes), Cheese, “Moo” (Milk), Ham, “O-E’s” (Oranges), Breakfast Sausage, Goldfish/Ducks/Bunnies Crackers, O’s, Muffins, Strawberries, Tacos, Hot Dogs, Pie (From Emporium Pie’s, a la mode, of course!), Apples, “Dipping”, Smoothies “Moo-mies”

G2G Taco with Dayda - October 2013

G2G Taco with Dayda – October 2013


Snacking at Klyde Warren Park

Snacking at Klyde Warren Park – Sept 2013

Enjoying a slice of Pie with Dayda

Enjoying a slice of Pie with Dayda – Sept 2013

Favorite Books: Llama Llama Red Pajama, Jesus Loves Me, Daddy Hugs, I Love You So, Goodnight Moon, Any of our Potty Books


Talking in short sentences – These are a few of my favorites… “Where’s Mommy’s Car?” “Is Dayda home?” “It’s Nigh-No Time” “Where’s the Moon, Mommy?”

Gaining independence and getting more comfortable with other adults (in nursery at church, etc.)

Sleeping through the night in her own bed (fairly consistently 7/8pm – 6/7am)

Completely weaned just after 18 months

Drinking Cow’s milk “MOO”

First Time Trick Or Treating

Swimming 8-10 seconds under water in Swim Class

Funny Via Stuff

While at Lunch at the Olive Garden, an elderly gentleman at a nearby table belches loudly to which Via responds, “NICE!”

Loves to wait at the back door for Dayda to come home from work – squeels “Dayda’s Home!” when she sees the back gate open.

Refers to her fur-collared denim vest as her “fuzzy” and begs to put “Fuzzy on”

Refers to the humidifier as “Fog” or “Foggy”- reminds us to “Fog Off”

While shopping, will look at clothing, find the tag then say, “Cute!”

Comments, “Mommy, Milk Ah-gone”

Says “Help You” instead of “Help Me” and “Hold You” instead of “Hold Me”

Likes to crawl between Mommy’s legs or underneath the dog AKA “Tunnel”


CA trip to visit Family Gorham

Big Bear Lake - Sept 2013

Big Bear Lake – Sept 2013

Pool Time - Sept 2013

Pool Time – Sept 2013

Dana Point - Sept 2013

Dana Point – Sept 2013

First Trip to Disneyland

First Trip to Disneyland - Sept 2013

First Trip to Disneyland – Sept 2013

First (real) trip to the beach

Gramma G in town

Arboretum / Children’s Garden / Perot Museum / Zoo / Palestra Open Gym

Rory Meyers Children's Garden - Oct 2013

Rory Meyers Children’s Garden – Oct 2013


Mommy & Dayda’s 3rd Wedding Anniversary

Dayda’s 30th Birthday

Paden’s 2nd Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

Pumpkin Carving

First nasty cough/cold/ear infection of the season  🙁

First time Trick or Treating (with Shugarts on Swiss Ave)  Costumed as “Lady Bug Girl”

Trick or Treating on Swiss Ave - Oct 2013

Trick or Treating on Swiss Ave – Oct 2013

Sweet, Sweet Via –

I can’t believe that the next time I update this blog, you’ll be turning 2 years old! My heart hurts just a tiny bit when I think about you not really being my baby anymore but I love watching you grow and learn every day. Your dad and I talk all the time about getting occasional glimpses into the “big-girl” version of you. You are such a sweet and gentle kid. You are learning to share, especially with your food, but also with toys and understanding what it means to take turns. I know you will make a fantastic big sister – I can’t wait to see you with your baby brother. You’re beginign to understand your dad and I when we talk about the baby in mommy’s tummy. You like to pull up my shirt and “pat, pat, pat” or kiss the baby. You also like to show us where the baby will get milk and very tell me all the time, “baby’s milk!” For the last few months, you’ve made such huge progress with sleeping through the night in your own big girl bed. Very rarely do you wake up in the middle of the night. Occasionally, you’ll be awake in the morning before your dad and I and you’ll just come stand at the side of our bed and say “mommy!” until I let you join us for some snuggles and a few more Zzz’s. You love to sing, especially when you’re getting sleepy in the car. You sing “Bye, Bye Olivia” and “This is the way we Drive the Car” and “Jesus Loves Me” from memory. It’s just amazing at how much you are absorbing. Your dad and I love you so much more than you will ever know. We are so proud of the little girl you are and feel truly blessed to be your parents.



Family P: CALIFORNIA Adventures

Hard to believe we’ve already been home from vacationing in SoCal and visiting Family Gorham. Seems that we brought the <100 degree temps home with us – making the transition not quite as painful. After a productive week, readjusting to our “normal” routines, I’m finally taking the time to recap for our family records what a wonderful trip we had!  

I wondered, post-plane ride with baby, if I would have TONS of opinions, pointers, tips, regrets, etc. about traveling with Olivia… The truth is… I don’t really. I read quite a bit online, solicited advice from other mommas and spent over a week making lists and packing bags. A quickie top 10 I felt helpful during our 2-week adventure.

  1. Pack Light – bring only what you NEED on the plane – NOTHING more. (Diaper Backpacks are best – Our PPB converts)
  2. Babywearing is your friend – strollers are BULKY and not practical for traveling with a non-toddling baby
  3. Allow SOME extra time (get through security, to the gate, etc.) but not TOO much time that you’re just sitting around waiting longer than necessary.
  4. Nurse at take-off, Nurse at landing, Nurse the entire flight if your lil babe wants to. (Or Bottle, Sippy Cup, Pacifier, etc.)
  5. Bring some favorite + some new  toys, books, stuffed animals
  6. Make friends with the flight attendants – they’ll usually let you use their space in the back of the plane for diaper changes, etc.
  7. Rent, Buy resale, or borrow (if possible) as much as you can! (We Borrowed/Bought: Carseat, Stroller, Crib + Exersaucer)
  8. Your baby will likely have an easier time adjusting to a time-zone change than you will. Don’t Stress too much about adjusting!
  9. Buy disposables when you arrive – Diapers + Wipes (For our longer trip – we even bought lotion, sunscreen, soap, etc.) Do Laundry!
  10. Relax! Don’t stress too much about keeping on routine because before you know it, it’s time to go home!
Here’s the short and sweet edition –

TUESDAY – Tuesday morning we started the day early arriving just a little over an hour early for our flight DFW to SNA. Olivia – in true Olivia fashion – did wonderfully on the plane. Only mildly cranked and easily distracted on the 2.5 hour flight. Made a necessary first stop at Baja Fish Tacos then relaxed by the pool at Gramma + Poppa G’s house.

Getting on the Plane

WEDNESDAY –  Started the day at Mimi’s Cafe (Supporting my alma mater LHHS  by participating in Win Win Wednesdays) then took a nice long walk at the Laguna Niguel Regional Park

Walking at the Laguna Niguel Regional Park

THURSDAY – Enjoyed Olivia’s first unofficial trip to the beach (unofficial because there were no swim suits, towel, or actual salty and sandy adventures) at the Huntington Dog Beach. Got my annual (just kidding! Semi-Annual) haircut with my dear friend Kristina at Sweeter than Honey Hair Lounge.

Huntington Dog Beach

FRIDAY – Started the morning with a nature walk at Riley Wilderness Park in Trabuco Canyon – Safe to say that Liv LOVES nature. Afternoon naps and swimming in Grandma G’s pool finished with dinner on the patio… If there were a “typical” day – this was it. Walk/Hike, Nap, Swim, Nap, Eat

Nature Walk at Riley Wilderness Park

SATURDAY -Gramma G arranged for several of her closest OC pals to come over to Meet + Greet Miss Olivia. In true Gramma G fashion – this was a little bit MORE like a party – darling pink + yellow decorations (Emily made these – pinned Here and Here), brunchy appetizers and unnecessarily gracious gifties from the SoCal Aunties!  A bit overwhelmed by the stimulation, but overall did a wonderful job impressing the ladies – Especially Miss. Mav and her colorful dress.

Hand-me-down Rocking Chair from the Antone Family

SUNDAY – Went to St. Margaret’s to Church with Mom, followed by breakfast tacos at Las Golandrina’s then some quickie naps before heading South to San Diego. Safe to say, Olivia’s first trip to the San Diego Zoo was a huge hit. She LOVED watching the bigger animals – especially the giraffes (duh!), elephants, and hippos. We stayed just long enough to enjoy the cooler late afternoon/ evening weather before heading to the Westin Gaslamp district.

San Diego Zoo

MONDAY – After a better night than anticipated (Olivia actually slept 6+ hours IN THE HOTEL CRIB!) Gramma G and I ventured out in our PJs/Sweats in search of some Coffee and Breakfast Tacos while Auntie Em caught a few more ZZZs. Took the trolley over to Old Towne San Diego to explore a bit snagged a Chorizo + Egg Taco Here. After a quick stop in La Jolla for lunch + botox (Auntie Em’s migraine treatment) we headed back up to South County for an evening Harbor cruise complete with Dolphin sighting then teppan dinner at Ichibiri.

Exploring Old Town San Diego

TUESDAY – Sounds silly, but it’s a must hit spot when I’m in town –  I <3 Bagels. (Maggie – we MUST go here sometime. BEST BAGELS EVER) then a LONG overdue appointment at my old Eye Doctor for a new ‘scrip + contact lenses. Lunch at a hole-in-the-wall fav – Mongolian BBQ (Highly reccomended – Reviewed Here) follower by afternoon naps + Swimming. Picked up Daniel from the airport then home for Family Gorham dinner.

6 Months – Before Picking Up Dad from the Airport

WEDNESDAY – Lazy morning followed by Lunch + Boating in Dana Point Harbor. Olivia opted out this time to wander around the harbor with Dad. We had some family (+Christmas Card) photos done late afternoon then another fabulous Win Win Wednesday meal at Bru Grill in Lake Forest. Really awesome little Market + Upscale Grill.

Bru Grill

THURSDAY – Set off on a hike through Aliso Canyon to the dripping Caves with Chippy. Olivia happily rode on Daniel’s back for the first hour or so but lost interest when it started to get hot on the return. Cleaned up and made a Taco Loco run with Chippy. Then swimming… and dinner with Auntie Em’s new boyfriend Al (Fresco). (Clarification: this is an inside joke – Emily is not dating a man named Al – we just ate outside. Al Fresco.)

On top of the Dripping Caves

FRIDAY – Met up with Caitie + Mom for lunch at Wahoo’s at the Irvine Spectrum – Then kept the day low-key with more swimming and visits from family friends. Dan and I left the babe in the care of Family Gorham and snuck out for Dinner + Drinks with Friends at the Yard House.

Jen, Kristina + Me @ Yard House

SATURDAY – Brunch at home with the Iorio Family then headed down to wander around Laguna – made another necessary stop at Taco Loco, some thrifting, then more swimming and… you got it… Dinner al fresco. Finished the night with some “Jolly Games” – Cash Bingo courtesy of Bank of Dad.

Having a moment with Poppa G

SUNDAY – Early departure for the Airport. A quick – UNEVENTFUL – flight and we’re home. Worth mentioning that Olivia didn’t cry ONCE on the flight home – We’re VERY proud parents.

It’s always hard to come home from visiting California. Sometimes I feel torn, like Orange County is just as much home as Dallas is. Daniel and I talk all the time about moving back to sunny Southern California again in the distant future – if career paths and stars aligned. I mean… what’s not to like? I can’t even begin to describe how hard it hits me each time – how privileged I was to grow up in the environment I did. More on that another time.

Can’t wait for our next trip this Christmas! 

XO, Momma Meg (For Family P)


PS. – I’m noticing a complete failure to capture a complete (Family P 3) photo – We’re going to get better at that…