Olivia: First Birthday Party

When you’re born on Valentine’s Day – it’s only natural to have your first birthday party themed to match. I’ll admit – between my mom and mother-in-law we went a little overboard with the decorations (Especially the balloons – or “BAHHHs” as Olivia likes to call them).

Here are a few of my favorite shots (captured by the very talented Zach Freeman, a friend of Auntie B’s from TCU. Link to his website below)

Olivia and a “BAHHHH”

Great Grandparents and Great Great Granny

Enjoying Some Blueberries


Opening Presents


“All Done”

Friends and Family

Zach Freeman Photography 

We feel incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to celebrate with such amazing Friends and Family! So thankful that Olivia will be able to look back as see that all of her Grandparents, Great-Grandparents AND Great-Great Granny were able to come and celebrate with her. Thank you all so much for helping us celebrate her first year (and our first as parents!)

Much Love,

Momma Meg

Family P: 2013 New Years Resolutions

For the past few years, Daniel and I have made our New Years Resolutions together (a wonder exercise for young all married people). We usually visit Memaw and Pa in DeLeon for Christmas and conveniently have 3 hours in the car for lots of reflection, brainstorming and list making. Last year,  we each made 10 resolutions each and agreed on 10 family resolutions. (Pats on the back for accomplishing lots improving most)

Admittedly we’re a bit late this year (let’s blame it on that CA Christmas and 3 hour plane rides with a baby) with our trip to DeLeon almost a full month in to 2013. And since I’m trying to cut back on the over share… Here’s a selection of our Family P 2013 Resolutions (basically… all the ones we’re not too embarrassed to share.) Feel free to keep us accountable…


– Get forked. (on Github…I guess that’s the technical term?) Build something (code) that’s BIG (bigger than a weekend projects) to share. More Here

– Consume more art, less crap.

– Love like dad (Randy) did – be more kind, gentle and without condition

– Take control of the yard, pride in our house (especially the exterior) and man chores

– Take some me time to workout, go to yoga, GNO, etc.
– Stick to meal plan that’s set for the week. Get more creative with menu. Think outside of the box pinterest. Better utilize leftovers
– Be more intentional with planning my day. Make it my goal to accomplish 1 chore, 1 errand, 1 activity for Liv and 1 thing for myself.
– Tackle the Family P photo project. Starting with Olivia’s baby book, our wedding album, framing and hanging prints in hallway (gallery wall?) Most importantly… compile family P 2012 Yearbook
– Relax and release some of the control over baby situations (ex. Nursing, babysitters)


– Set weekly family night – play games, movie, cook, take out. Make a point to spend at least one night in as a family doing something fun (no chores or multi-tasking, just enjoying each other)

– Go camping! Take a family vacation (just the 3 of us)
– Be outside more. Family walks, park, arboretum, find some nature. Create a better outdoor space in our backyard.
– Focus on the family, no cell phone or Internet (including but not limited to: Email, Instagram, Vine, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, SnapChat, etc.) from 6pm-8pm nightly
– Pit Pad Improvements: arrange financially AND execute. Especially – Foundation inspection and repair.  Master bathroom tub/shower, various cosmetic cracks. Power wash exterior of house, yardwork, curb appeal. Look at possibly putting in a raised bed in side yard for herbs and veggies or compost pile.
– Pit Pad Improvements (PART 2): Take pride in the exterior of our home – front yard and landscaping, picking up trash, home for trashcans, fix shed, spruce up back yard, create an outdoor space for Olivia.
– Generally speaking, buy more organic and local (especially groceries and gifts). Support the little guy.
There ya go… Here’s to hitting “Publish”  in the hopes of keeping myself accountable.