Reflection: Be Still

A few nights ago, after nursing my sweet Olivia, I let her snuggle up and drift off in my arms. (I usually try to put her down semi-awake, but sleepy – trying my hand at some “sleep training.”) Something about that day… we didn’t do anything special, just normal life. And then it dawned on me…THIS was a new normal and it had changed so much. It was just a little over a year ago that we shared the news of our pregnancy with our families. It’s so incredibly unbelievable how much has changed in our normal day-in, day-out lives. The thought is simply overwhelming to me. I’m reminded of how important it is to slow down and savor these moments because in the blink of an eye another year will have past.

In this new season of life, I’m finding it no easier to RELAX. I remember thinking that becoming a full-time, stay-at-home momma would alleviate so much of the stress I was accustomed to in the working world. Turns out, there are no fewer stressors in this “job.” I’m wired like my mother. I thrive on productivity, stress, and planning. Despite being an engrained part of my temperament, I recognize that I need to slow down, be still, and know that everything will be OK.  That I have a great designer. A more perfect planner than even me. “Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10

I am unspeakably thankful, eternally grateful. Incredibly Blessed.

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  1. Meg "Gramma G" Gorham says:

    And you do know how to touch my heart. When we were up at the Bilbo lakehouse a couple of weeks ago, Aunt Beth and I went to church at a teeny little small-town church in Winnsboro. The priest was on vacation and there was no “substitute” available so during the sermon portion of the service we listened to a darling 15-year old Eagle Scout who made a thought-full plea for funding for his Eagle project – a charming little park area adjacent to the small-town Library. Like many small Texas towns, the Library oftens represents the cultural hub of the community. Anyway, long story short (and that’s tough for me) Aunt B and I decided to go in together and make a donation to his project – a bench nestled under some pine trees along a walk path encircling the park area. We had the option to include a carved inscription but at $4/letter, we needed to be brief. So, we debated over honoring our mother who was not only an active Friends of the Kaufman Library volunteer but great lover and appreciator of all these things: libraries, gardens, benches, reading, etc. But balancing between $4/letter with verbosity and other than the nearby lakehouse real estate, Mary Lou didn’t have any real connection with this park project. So, in the end, we chose six words that would convey what we hoped would be meaningful to anyone who happened to park on that bench for a moment or several hours….”Be still. Know I am God”. Dear Megan…so glad you caught so much of what I taught and you are correct…Productivity and achievement and activity are all wonderful but the most profound thoughts will come in quiet stillness. Always get your share. xoxo m…the Original Momma G

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