Post Pregnancy: Shape Up, Slim Down

First things first… I gained 62 pounds with Olivia and have NEVER had to work as hard as I’ve having to work to lose the baby weight and reclaim my figure. Several weeks before I realized that I was pregnant, (having already noticed some unexplained weight gain) I started doing Tracy Anderson’s Mat Workout 4-5x a week. ( I could tell you that I was doing the prescribed 6 days on, 1 day off… but that’s just not true). If I could go back and do one thing differently I would have not strayed from my normal diet/exercise routine during pregnancy. I’ve always maintained a fairly healthy lifestyle without depriving myself. I do LOVE food. That being said… Day One: Home from the hospital… I found myself discouraged when I saw the number on the scale. Within the first week I was down about 25 pounds. (Obviously 6.8lbs of that was my precious baby girl). After the first month, I was down another 5 or 6lbs… having not done anything more than walking with Liv in the Bjorn 4-5x a week and attempting to break some of the bad eating habits that I picked up in the last trimester. With more than 30 pounds to go… I found myself totally discouraged.

At 5-weeks postpartum I picked up a vinyasa flow yoga class on Monday nights at Karmany Yoga. Although this was the perfect way for me to start getting out solo for an hour of “me time”… Addicted, I started going 2x a week… but still definitely wasn’t enough exercise to result in any weight loss.  (I’ve really enjoyed the Monday/Wednesday 7pm class – Karmany offers a very positive and nonjudgemental atmosphere… understanding that everyone practices yoga for different reasons and at different levels and no practice is “better” than the next. Individuals gets what they put in to their practice. Karmany is also the only donation-based studio in DFW… Making it even more awesome. Suggested is $15/class or $10/class for 3+ classes a week)

2 months postpartum,  I found myself centered but still carrying an extra 25 pounds around. Determined to really get things going in the weight-loss department… I dusted off my Tracy Anderson DVDs. I have some qualms with her “methods” and definitely did not follow them completely… However, I have found some success mixing and matching bits and pieces of the following workouts… creating my own 20-40 minute routine(s)… For example… I’ll choose the “arms” from the “Metamorphosis” workout, “Legs” from the “Mat Workout” and Abs from “Post Pregnancy.”  I can usually get in at least 30 minutes while Liv naps… sometimes an hour… if I’m REALLY lucky. I almost always opt out of the dance cardio… because even my 5 month old daughter thinks I look like a fool doing it.

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Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy Workout: Very Calm and Quiet… which is really the last thing I want in a workout. 6+ times a week is suggested to “see results” but REALLY… predicting a 60-min block of time where baby is either a) happy enough to watch mommy workout or b) napping doesn’t happen 6-days a week. I’m lucky if it happens even 4x.  I will say… this workout is heavy on the abs… which is exactly what my postpartum body needs.

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Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis: I think this is the “method” that most people have heard of. Basically a 90-day complete diet and exercise program involving a structured meal-plan and 6 days on, 1 day off exercise routine. The strength training sequence changes every 10 workouts, to be used in conjunction with a 30-min cardio dance routine (This is MUCH easier than the stuff in the “Beginner Dance Cardio” video). Seems to be more leg-intensive… but I think that may just be the “hip-centric” version I have.

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Tracy Anderson Mat Workout – Overall, my favorite. One 60-min workout including warm-up and cool-down stretching. Somewhat fast-paced and dance-y. Starts with 2 leg sequences (using a standard dining chair for balance) 2 arm sequences (one with 3lb weights) then “standing ab isolation” (basically upright ab wiggling) followed by more legs on the floor and a mat ab sequence. I love that this workout moves at a faster pace… but the sequences get boring after a few workouts… I need variation to stay motivated.

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 Tracy Anderson Beginner Dance Cardio: If you want to dance around a feel like a fool. Might be fun on girls night after a few cocktails. Or definitely a workout if you can pick up a routine easily. I look like a limp noodle when I dance… I’m sure Dan would vote this as “most fun to watch”

I only wish I was as coordinated as Nicole Richie… Tracy Anderson & Nicole Richie Dance Cardio

Fast Forward to 4.5 months. A combination of semi-consistent workouts (at least 5x weekly… be it 15 minutes or an hour), yoga, a healthier diet and extra calories burned from breast-feeding. I’ve lost another 10 pounds… Another 15 would get me back to pre-baby weight but I TOTALLY accept the reality that that may NEVER happen. Not to mention the fact that I may NEVER fit in to my size favorite jeans because I have these things called hips now! Hello Momma body.